Pryor is 175 Years old

Pryor is 175 Years old

Pryor 175 Years

Later this month Pryor turns 175 years old and as we celebrate our birthday we do so, not only with a sense of pride in our past but also with a keen eye toward the future. In an increasingly interconnected and digitised world, the demand for advanced marking and traceability solutions will only continue to grow. Our rich legacy of innovation, expertise, and customer focus means Pryor is poised to lead the way, shaping the future of marking technology for generations to come.

We have lot of things on the horizon, new products, new members of the Pryor family and a new location but more of that in the future. For now, we’re going to celebrate! Our actual birthday is the 23rd of May and there will definitely be cake.

The 175 years since Pryor’s founding has included many changes. Our journey has been one of resilience, innovation and above all putting customers first. As we celebrate this milestone, let us not only reflect on this remarkable achievements but also look forward with anticipation to the next chapter in our history. There will be more on what’s coming in due course but suffice to say there are plenty of exciting developments on our horizon.

Our longevity can be attributed in no small part to our employees steadfast dedication to quality craftsmanship. Despite the shifts in manufacturing processes over the past century and a half, our commitment to precision engineering and British manufacturing excellence has remained unwavering. This relentless pursuit of innovation and quality has earned Pryor a myriad of loyal customers across the aerospace, automotive and precision engineering sectors.

So what do we have planned?

Of course we’re having a big party for all of our members of staff and their plus 1’s but we’re not stopping there. We are also throwing open the doors to the factory, not once, but twice. We’re hosting a fun day for the friends and family of all Pryor employees and we’re also hosting a business open day on Thursday 30th May.

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