Bolt & Fastener Marking

Automatic Marking Cell for Bolts

Serial number marking machine for bolts

What is Bolt Head & Fastener Marking

Bolt head markings are symbols or imprints on the top of a bolt, conveying crucial information about its properties and specifications. These markings include grade indicators, denoting the bolt’s strength, often represented by numerical values or symbols. Material markings indicate the bolt’s composition, such as stainless steel.

Some bolts bear manufacturer logos or names. Metric bolts may display a property class indicating tensile strength and yield strength ratios. Additionally, thread size and pitch information might be stamped on the bolt head.

Interpretation of these markings is subject to regional and standards organization variations, requiring reference to specific standards (e.g., ISO, ASTM, DIN) or manufacturer documentation for accurate understanding.

“A fully automated marking system which can be quickly loaded with a larger volume of bolts and then left to run with 100% reliability is a huge asset for our customers production process.”

Chris | Pryor Design Engineer