15 years at Pryor for Jack Wilkinson

15 years at Pryor for Jack Wilkinson

Jack WilkinsonJack Wilkinson is our Fitting Shop Team Leader, and is celebrating his 15th year at Pryor’s. Jack oversees the production of Standard Products (Pryor Machines) and Special Machinery (Pryor Solutions).

We asked him about his time with us “Interesting and varied – you can’t get bored easily. With the Special Machinery there is always challenges that need to be overcome with creative thinking, and solutions come into effect. I enjoy the flexibility of suggesting and implementing changes to solve problems based on our experience.”

When asked about his time outside of Pryor’s, he replied “I really enjoy anything that involves being outdoors: camping, hiking, cycling etc. I’ve got two boys under three years old that take all my undivided attention. Otherwise, I love my real ale, watching rugby and making bread.”

A simple question to finish on, Jack, what’s your favourite food?
“Most things unhealthy. Anything fried that’s served in a big portion. I’m a massive glutton who doesn’t get full easily.”

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