The Spirit of Pryor

The Spirit of Pryor

With perfect timing, 1849 came along during a golden age of innovation, industrial expansion and the founding of Edward Pryor and Son: Purveyors of Marking stamps to “Little Mester” workshops, already famous Cutlery Companies and the burgeoning engineering factories that filled the Steel City of Sheffield.

For context: Young Queen Victoria, was only in the 12th year of her 64 year reign; celebrating nine years of marriage to Albert – the Prince who championed industry and the arts.

From that moment it was almost a foregone conclusion that new products, tools, and machines, spinning outwards from Great Britain – the workshop of the World – would be marked with better quality brands and identifiers, using equipment from Pryor.

Always at the forefront of every new skill and marking technology, the Pryor name became synonymous with how the famous names of contemporary manufacturers presented themselves and their products.

When you use a hand stamp, a marking machine or commission solutions from Pryor you are benefitting from those 175 years of experience and evolution.

You can’t outsource History or dumb down experience; you can’t create artificial heritage.

You CAN feel the Spirit of Pryor.

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