Chesterfield Cylinders

Chesterfield Cylinders required an automated marking process to produce deep and legible markings on their range of “Ultra Large” Cylinders. The markings needed to be applied before the cylinders were painted, necessitating a deep enough mark that could withstand the painting process. To add further complexity, several lines of text needed to be marked on the domed surface of the cylinder neck. This particular requirement presented a significant challenge for conventional marking technologies.

The Solution:

During the project evaluation phase, we quickly re-engineered one of our portable dot peen machines, maximising its marking depth capabilities. We then carried out on-site marking trials alongside the customer, to demonstrate a sufficient marking depth and feasibility to continue the project. This demonstration showcased our willingness to go the extra mile for our customers. Encouraged by the initial success, our team of skilled engineers then collaborated closely with Chesterfield Cylinders to design and deliver a specialised, automated marking system that could handle the diverse range of cylinder lengths, cylinder diameters and dome profiles. The assembly of the machine took place at our facility in Sheffield, followed by in-depth testing and acceptance by the customer.

The final concept resulted in a remarkable machine, boasting seven axes of movement. These included loading/unloading, diameter adjustment, angle of approach adjustment, automatic surface detection, 180-degree rotation, and the XYZ deep marking process. The seamless integration of these various axes with our Marking and Traceability Software, enabled this bespoke system to tackle the complexities and requirements of the cylinder marking process.

Benefits Delivered:

The custom marking system delivered by Pryor Marking Technology offered a range of compelling benefits to Chesterfield Cylinders:

Enhanced Safety: The automated marking process replaced the previously used hand stamping method, reducing the risk of injuries and ensuring a safer working environment for the operators.

Improved Quality and Consistency: With the new system in place, Chesterfield Cylinders experienced enhanced marking consistency and a reduction in transcription errors. The precise and uniform markings contributed to an overall improvement in product quality.

Boost in Productivity: The automated marking cycle freed up skilled workers, allowing them to focus on other value-added processes while the machine efficiently handled the marking tasks. This led to increased productivity and optimised resource allocation.

Seamless Traceability: The integrated marking software provided automatic traceability of the production process. All production and marking data were captured, enabling on-demand report generation for tracking and quality assurance purposes.


Pryor Marking Technology’s expertise in customising solutions for complex marking requirements proved invaluable for Chesterfield Cylinders. The successful collaboration resulted in an innovative marking system that not only addressed the technical challenges but also enhanced safety, quality, productivity, and traceability for the company’s production processes. This case study exemplifies Pryor’s commitment to delivering tailored and reliable marking solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.