Automotive VIN Marking

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Pryor supplies a complete range of solutions for (VIN) Vehicle Identification Number marking on automotive chassis, engines and transmissions. Whether production is of 10 vehicles per minute or 10 per day, Pryor has a suitable solution.

Pryor's integrated scribe VIN marking system locates the control system directly at the marking station providing quick and easy operator use.

Pryor's revolutionary laser VIN marking systems can mark a full 19 character code to 0.5mm depth in an unprecedented 4 seconds.

Read here about how Jaguar Land Rover commissioned Pryor to design, build and install Robotic Laser VIN Marking technology

Pryor has delivered fully robotic, vision guided systems which can automatically place a VIN on a chassis, engine or gearbox.

VIN data can be input from a PLC, a barcode on a job sheet, an RFID tag, a spreadsheet or manually by an operator.

Dot and scribe marking systems can be either be hand-held with fixtures for a specific vehicle or integrated into production line systems for automated marking.

At the other end of the spectrum, hand-held marking tools still provide a quick and simple way to mark in low volume production.

9 of 9 Filtered Products