Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Marking

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A vehicle identification number, also known as a VIN, is a unique ID number found on every motorised vehicle in the world. A VIN helps to identify a vehicle in the event of theft, loss or fraud, serving as a ‘fingerprint’ for the vehicle. Vehicle identification numbers are composed of 17 alphanumeric characters, with different parts of the code identifying the vehicle’s manufacturer, plant of origin and year of production. A vehicle identification number can be used to track recalls, vehicle history, insurance coverage and the registered keeper of the vehicle. 

The code is usually applied in one of two ways, direct VIN engraving or on a VIN plate. Direct engraving sees the number marked onto the chassis, engine and/or gearbox, and is marked deeply to ensure it cannot be filed off if the vehicle is stolen. VIN plate marking involves marking the code onto a seperate metal plate which is then attached onto the vehicle chassis. Here at Pryor Marking Technology, we offer a range of solutions suited for both direct chassis marking and VIN plate stamping from lasers, dot peen marking machines, scribing systems and more. 

Direct VIN Marking

VIN Scribe Marking Machine

Our standalone solution designed specifically for VIN marking, the Pryor VIN Scribe Marking Machine is a portable system that scans and etches the desired VIN directly to the vehicle chassis. Once the code has been applied, it is stored for future use. Combining an etching scribe, a clamp to ensure accuracy, and post-mark data transmission, this is the definitive all-in-one solution for direct VIN marking. 

Award Winning VIN Laser Marking

Here at Pryor Marking we are always designing new solutions to push the boundaries of marking innovation. One example of this is our direct laser VIN marking solutions. Our collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover in producing an innovative laser VIN marking solution has seen Pryor Marking recognised at numerous awards, including the National Manufacturer Awards in 2014. Other laser marking solutions we provide for vehicle ID number marking include the portable laser engraver, ideal for fast, high quality etching.

Handheld & Portable Marking Tools

Other portable marking solutions are also available, including the Pryor PortaDot dot peen marker. Dot peen marking provides a mark using a small peening needle, and can be used as a standalone solution or integrated as part of a production line. We also stock an extensive range of hand stamps, all made from high quality chromium tool steel tempered for durability, and nickel plated for rust protection. 

Vision Guided Robotic Systems

In 2013, Pryor Marking worked closely with production engineers at Jaguar Land Rover to produce a fully robotic vision guided system for VIN marking. This technology is designed to automatically place a tamper-resistant VIN on a chassis, engine or gearbox. This system can utilise a range of marking methods including high powered lasers, dot peen and more. This technology can be utilised within an appropriate production environment, and can be easily integrated into a production line.

VIN Plate Marking & Stamping

Stationary Laser Systems

The Pryor bench fibre laser is an ideal solution for applying high definition marks to a VIN plate. This bench mounted laser is the fastest and most versatile method of marking small to medium sized workpieces, and is designed for high volume output. The YF20Pro laser has a wider frequency (20kHz to 200Khz) allows the machine to be used for deep, clean engraving with no need for after-treatment.

Pryor builds bespoke freestanding VIN Label Laser Marking Machines for major automotive OEM's to produce acrylic information labels for import/export, metal sill plaques and VIN plates, all in one laser marking cycle. The VIN label laser marking machines comprise a floor standing workstation, a Class 1 light-safe laser marking enclosure, with fume extraction system and traceability software to manage the marking or printing process, and management and handling of individual vehicle data records. Find out more here

Dot Peen VIN Plate Marking

We supply a range of integrated dot peen systems ideal for VIN plate marking. These include our PortaDot deep pneumatic, the BenchDot station and the InDot marking machine. All of these machines produce high definition dot peen marks and are easily programmable with VIN. The InDot and BenchDot are easily integrated into existing product lines with little effort.

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