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Facilitating two key functions of the modern manufacturing environment, control of the marking process and component traceability, Pryor has developed a unique range of embedded machine controllers and a suite of PC-based marking and traceability software packages.  

All Pryor marking machines are supplied with an embedded controller which drives and manages the functions of the marking head. Dot peen and scribe marking machines use the 4000 Series Controller, an easy to use touchscreen controller with embedded marking and traceability software. For the entry level MarkMate dot peen marking machine, a low cost, PC-only controller is available.

All Pryor lasers use an Integrated Controller which also has a standalone option for use on production lines. 

For manufacturers looking to introduce enhanced marking and traceability, Pryor’s PC-based software, is available as two separate modules which can also operate as a package, Layout Designer and Production Interface. Each module has a range of add-on apps to increase the range of marking and traceability functions, as required.

As a supplier to some of the world’s best-known manufacturing brands, Pryor has carefully developed its software to easily integrate with existing systems, be simple to operate and feature the most advanced traceability capabilities.

9 of 9 Filtered Products