Data Matrix Verification

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Datamatrix codes are used to store large amounts of data, with up to 3116 numbers. This means that quality, reliable datamatrix verification should be a priority to ensure faultless reading. These codes have redundancies built into their coding that make them powerful data codes, meaning simply being able to read a Data Matrix code does not ensure that the code is 100% accurate. This may be because some of the redundancy has already been used, and further damage will render the code unreadable.


Here at Pryor Marking Technology, we provide a range of datamatrix verification solutions that ensures flawless readability of the code and reports on its quality. The verifier will determine if the code will remain readable after further manufacturing processes, potential damage or general wear during the product’s life cycle. Our datamatrix verification technology is available as part of many solutions, from laser marking, automated robotics and as separate, integratable readers and verifiers.


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9 of 9 Filtered Products