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Manual & Press marking

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Symbol StampsSymbol Stamps

Ideal to issue to members of work teams and inspectors,  to show inspection has been performed as well as identifying responsibility.

Suitable for marking material up to 38 Rockwell 'C'

For guidance on hardness of material to be marked click here

Blue heat treated finish

Symbol Stamps are manufactured with a sharp faced character
The diagram shows the effect on the crystalline structure of material being marked with a sharp faced character Symbol Stamps

Symbol Stamps Symbol Stamps
Character SizeBLANK SIZE   
Single charactersSymbol set of 27 stamps
3.0mm 1/8" 63.50mm  2.1/2" 6.35mm 1/4" 6.35mm 1/4" Symbol Stamps Symbol Stamps
5.0mm 3/16" 70.00mm  2.3/4" 9.50mm  3/8" 9.50mm  3/8" Symbol Stamps Symbol Stamps
6.0mm 1/4" 70.00mm  2.3/4" 9.50mm  3/8" 9.50mm  3/8" Symbol Stamps Symbol Stamps


Symbol Stamps


The Punch Safety Grip firmly holds all sizes of Pryor Punch and allows a hard blow to be struck without the risk of jarring or damaging the fingers of the user.
detail_NEWpremiumrange2 detail_NEWpremumrange1 
We have two Punch Safety Grips for purchase; The Heavy Duty Safety Grip, and The Economy Safety Grip, both shown below.
Heavy Duty Safety Grip
Premium Range
Economy Safety Grip
To view more information on our range of Punch Safety Grips, please visit our Safety Grips page, located here.



Micro Marker

Micro MarkerMicro Marker
  • Ideal for centre punching and inspection stamping.
  • Supplied with a Centre Punch as standard plus the option of A-Z, 0-9 and special inspection marking inserts
  • Pocket sized
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Versatile - centre punching and marking applications
  • Fast and simple operation
  • No Air or Electricity required

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