NEW: InDot™ 50-25E
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Dot marking - dot peen products

Products in this range:

NEW: InDot™ 50-25E

High accuracy compact electromagnetic dot peen marking machine with 50x25 mm marking area

InDot 50-25E with AutosenseTM
(click here to download)
  • Consistent quality
  • Electromagnetic solenoid
  • Precision and repeatability of individual dot marking
  • Consistency of electrical pulses versus pneumatic
  • Preferable method of Data Matrix marking
  • Flat X/Y linear movement: no pivoting axis
  • Better marking depth consistency than machines with pivoting axis
  • Stylus pin distance and angle to flat component surface remain unchanged
Compact and easy to install:
  • No air supply required
  • Extremely small footprint:  easier to fit-in
  • 25% larger marking area than most compact machines
  • Excellent marking area / footprint ratio
  • Multiple mounting thread sets, easy to integrate and swap

Very Small Footprint
3000 Series Controller


Data Matrix Marks
Markmaster Software with USB Contoller
Robust design:
  • Reliable industrial marking system for intense production
  • High performance powerful stepping motors
  • 6 recirculating ball linear guideways  
Marking Features:
  • Permanently mark almost all engineering materials up to 62HRc.
  • Steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium alloys, plastic (…) marking.
  • Programmable character size and width.
  • Fixed texts, variables, serial numbers, arc and angular marking, time/date, Data Matrix (*), logos, backward & forward marking.
    (*) Pryor Marking Technology recommends Electromagnetic dot peen machines (E series) for Data Matrix marking  

    Controller Options & Programming: 2 Versions

    InDot 50-25 machines are available with 3000 controller (PC free) or with PC based MarkMaster sofware via USB controller

    3000 Controller Version
    • PC not required
    • Large graphical display
    • Full membrane keyboard
    • Screen linked function keys

    • PC/PLC/barcode reader/printerconnection
    • Text reception
    • Uploads and downloads
    • Select file automation control
    • USB
    • RS232
    • Programmable 24v digital I/O (8 inputs - 6 outputs)

    Other Available  Communication Options:
    • I/O extension (16 inputs - 12 outputs)
    • TCP/IP Ethernet
    • Profibus
    • DeviceNet
    • CANopen
    • CC-Link
    • CompoNet
    • ControlNet
    • Modbus-RTU
    • Profinet
    • EtherNet/IP
    • EtherCAT
    • Modbus-TCP
    • Sercos III
    • Bluetooth
    USB Contoller Version
    • Marking head permanently connected to PC with MarkMaster software.
    • Drag and drop
    • Scale
    • Rotate graphical interface
    • Align
    • Group marking blocks
    • Show marking path
    • Serial number
    • Time/date
    • Logos (*.plt/*.dxf)
    MarkMaster Advanced:
    • Data Matrix
    • Query and write back to: 
      • Excel
      • Access
      • SQL server
      • My SQL
    • Duplicate data checking and log data
    • Supports all true type fonts
    • Also supports Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters
    Example Of Applications:






    Automotive Marking Key Marking Production Line Aerospace Components

    Direct Park Marking (DPM), Programmable marking, Component identification, Component traceability, Serial numbering, Logo marking, Security marking, Health & safety appliance marking, Certification marking, Time and date marking, Part numbering, Batch and shift coding, Calibration systems, Label and tag marking.


    Technical Specifications:


    Marking area: 50x25mm (2x1")

    Electrical supply:

    100-230v / 200VA
    Frequency: 50-60Hz
    Head cable: 3m (9.8 ft) Robotic cable

    Wide Range Of Accessories & Options:
    electric_z_axis footswitch various_stylii
    Electric/Pneumatic Z-Axis Foot Pedal Various Stylii
    base_column barcode_scanner Datamouse
    Base & Column Barcode Scanner Data Matrix Reader
    rear_controller ethernet_cable head_cable
    I/O Extension TCP/IP Module Extended Head Cables
    colour_plastic_mark remote_start_box
    Plastic Colour Marker Remote Start/Stop Box

    Downloadable Brochure

    Available Downloads


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